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All of the eastern WA JWPT requires permits for use. See special permit law.
These permits are FREE, good for a year, and used by some legislators to measure the number of people using the trail.
Please make sure you are counted as a trail user by having a permit!

JWPT between
the Columbia River and Lind

TEMPORARY TRAIL CLOSURE! The WA State Dept. of Natural Resources, who owns and manages the Milwaukee Road Corridor (JWPT) from the Beverly Bridge to 2 miles east of Smyrna, and between Warden and Lind, has suspended issuing permits for the Milwaukee Road Corridor in order to perform trail maintenance. The trail will reopen April 30, 2018, and permits will again be issued. Valid permits already obtained before this went into effect will be honored.

For further updates on the trail, please visit or send email to DNR at

Michael Williams
Southeast Region
WA State Depart. of Natural Resources (DNR)
Office: (509) 925-0984

JWPT from Lind to the Idaho border

This section is managed by Washington State Parks.

Liability insurance is only required for groups larger than 20, or groups doing an activity outside of the norm. The 15 days notice is for requests that take a bit more approvals or notifications, so State Parks has time to process that properly. You can date your permit for up to a year which allows for spontaneous trips on the trail throughout the entire duration of your permit. You can put down the maximum number of people you may have in your group.

Or you can click here to download the PERMIT Application, complete it and return the permit for approval to the contact below. You can date it for up to a year, but ensure you have it with you on the trail.

Maps and combination codes for the gates, where needed, are sent with the permits.

Clara Dickinson-McQuary
Program Specialist 2
Blue Mountain Area
36149 Hwy 12
Dayton, WA 99328
Main: (509) 337-6457
Line 2: (509) 337-0216
cell: (509) 386-0876

Friends of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail Organization, P.O. Box 3011, Winthrop WA 98862
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